We have high-quality demands on all components of the e|1 Analyzer.

As a manufacturing company in the medical technology sector, EXIAS is subject to strict regulations and specifications. We intend to ensure that all processes are carried out to the highest possible standards and in accordance with strict quality specifications.

This awareness of quality also applies when we choose our suppliers and partners. Consequently, we entrusted a long-time and experienced manufacturing partner, astria GmbH, with the production of essential components of the EXIAS e|1 Analyzer.

We have been working with astria GmbH as long as we have been in this field of business, in order to provide a high-quality product with the best material properties.
The produced components for our e|1 Analyzer are characterized by their high degree of robustness and flawless design, ensuring perfect application worldwide.

It’s great that not only we, as manufacturer, are convinced by our instrument, even our partner appreciates the quality. Consequently, EXIAS is very proud that our e|1 Analyzer has been named
as best practice by astria GmbH.

Thank you for the successful cooperation over the last years and cheers to further productive projects.