Quality control ampoules

Beside the on-board QC option, EXIAS provides manual QC ampoules that improve operator’s quality procedures in the  daily point-of-care and laboratory environment.

To ensure reliable patient results, three levels of QC ampoules are available.

All ampoules are equipped with barcodes for an easy data setup via scanner.

Ampoules per box


Shelf life

48 months



Storage temperature

2-25 °C


The heparinized single-use capillary with a container volume of 50 µL is optimized for the small sample volume of the e|1 Analyzer.

In order to guarantee maximum security for operators, the capillaries are made of break-proof plastic, and are hygienically packed in a dispenser with a user-friendly donator function.

Break-proof amorphous thermoplasticContainer volume

50 µL

100 I.U. balanced HeparinShelf life

36 months

Capillaries per box

10 dispenser à 100 capillaries

Storage temperature