We do what we love

This passion is mirrored in all of our activities and actions every day.

Due to many years of experience in the international medical environment, we are able to bundle our knowledge as a team into a multidisciplinary approach in order to efficiently master complex tasks.

Our employees turn "EXCELLENCE IN ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS" into reality. The results are innovative products, developed and produced for you according to the highest standards.


EXIAS Product Development
Product Development
  • Electro-chemical sensor technology
  • System architecture and analytics
  • Software engineering
Quality Management
  • Process-oriented management
  • Verification and validation
  • Product registration
EXIAS Manufacturing
  • Process development
  • Purchasing and partner management
  • Quality assurance
EXIAS Marketing and Distribution
Marketing & Distribution
  • Global distribution network
  • Brand development
  • Product positioning
EXIAS Customer Support
Customer Support
  • Product training
  • Complaint handling
  • Service


At EXIAS we are proud to have a diverse team. Young, creative and innovative professionals work close with experienced, talented, hands-on brains.

Discover how we work together and what we do to support and learn from each other. Learn what it means to work at EXIAS and how we benefit from our synergies.

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