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The EXIAS m|1 Electrolyte Module is developed for easy integration into clinical chemistry systems and is intended for measurements of Na+, K+ and Cl- in undiluted plasma and urine, as well as serum.

Direct measurement of undiluted samples allows independent workflows for ISE and photometry. Autonomous ISE calibration leads to minimal involvement of the main carousel. While its innovative thick-film technology directly measures ionic activity, reducing risk of Pseudohyponatremia.

The m|1 Electrolyte Module offers the smallest sample volume and highest throughput in the dilution-free direct ISE segment. It is the future of ISE in clinical chemistry, combining ease of use, truly maintenance free operation and outstanding performance. The ideal solution for clinical chemistry!

Na+ K+ Cl
(basic panel)

Easy integration
Snap-in m|1 Multi Sensor Cassette


400 tests/hour
Fastest direct ISE module
on the market

20 µL
Most volume efficient direct ISE-module
on the market


  • Parameter

Na+ K+ Cl-
(basic panel)

pH Ca2+ (calculated nCa2+)
(extended panel)


  • m|1 Multi Sensor Cassette

6000 tests/sensor cassette
(up to 9000 tests)


  • Throughput

400 tests/hr
(basic panel)

27 sec / sample


  • Calibration

30 sec
Interval: 4hr / every 100 samples


m1 ise module EXIAS Medical
m1 Electrolyte Module | ISE Module | EXIAS Medical


  • Snap-in m|1 Multi Sensor Cassette
  • Intuitive consumable replacement
  • Built-in sample cup
  • Easy connectivity via Ethernet,
    USB 2.0 & RS232


  • Cleaning and conditioning free
  • Autonomous calibration
  • No liquid reference junction
    (no salt deposits, no downtime)


  • Decoupled from clinical chemistry analyzer
  • No additional dilution steps
  • No cuvettes on the analyzer blocked
  • Reduced risk of Pseudohyponatremia


  • Dimensions frontend module: 95 x 163,3 x 65 mm (W x H x D)
  • Dimensions m|1 Fluid Pack: 70 x 159 x 222 mm (W x H x D)
EXIAS Medical m1 Electrolyte Module



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