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Females in science

For EXIAS it is a fact that the world needs science, and that science needs more women. In the past, women have led ground-breaking research in the medical field, and have been on the front line as scientists, chemists, engineers and much more.

In celebration of “Women In Science Day” (11th of February) we interviewed four of our colleagues and wanted to know why they chose a career in science.

Ever since the big why drives science, exploring and reaching new standards in the In-vitro-Diagnostics (IVD) and point-of  care field is our common goal at EXIAS, which also drives our team through their daily lives.

Why have you chosen a career in science?

“In elementary school I already observed my love for mathematics, which was just the beginning of my on-holding passion for science. Working part-time in science, encourages me every day anew to have chosen the right path.” –  Sybille Pototschnig

“Even though I have completed my studies in the social pedagogical field, I had the feeling that there was more that awaits me. I was curious and wanted to expand my skills and knowledge, so I have chosen science, because I aim to leave a positive footprint in public health.” Ulrike Schuster

“As a granddaughter of a forester I always was fascinated to explore the ecosystem and its interactions. Therefore, for me it was a logical conclusion to start my career in the laboratory.” Vera Kupelwieser

“The big "why" has always fascinated me. Why is it blue? Why does it smell corrosive? Behind every "why" there is a "because", and I always have been curious and wanted to have answers.” Jasmina Hadzic

What makes your job the best in the world?

“I always wanted to optimize processes and its overall system potentials. In my work I put special focus on our product development and how we can achieve optimal results. In order to help healthcare specialists to save patients’ lives.”Ulrike Schuster

“Working in a laboratory with biological substances is never boring because it´s a living material and you don’t know how it might react in certain test trials. Moreover, my job keeps me fit as I move a lot compared to desk jobs. And I´m not allowed to eat in the laboratory, which keeps me away from chocolate.” Vera Kupelwieser

“My job as a chemist is logical and self-explanatory as soon as you have recognized the "because", until you have the answers it is like a scavenger hunt. Furthermore, chemistry accompanies every person throughout their daily lives.” Jasmina Hadzic

What would you like to share with women?

“It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, what is important is that you focus on your strengths.“ Sybille Pototschnig

“Stay curious, step outside of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and be willing to fail, because that helps you to grow!“Vera Kupelwieser

“Don't let limits stop or slow you down. In my opinion imagination is stronger than knowledge because knowledge is limited, imagination not. So, women let your imagination go wild!”Jasmina Hadzic

Today & everyday, let’s share their stories to inspire young girls around the world!