Trainings throughout the crisis?
EXIAS makes it possible.

Long-time announced and now it´s released! Today, we are excited to promote our EXIAS online training program. In cooperation with our service and support as well as the marketing and distribution (M&D) department we achieved a comprehensive alternative to our face2face trainings.

Due to persistent flight restrictions we had to adapt our way of doing trainings for 2020 and shifted to a more digital approach.
Therefore, we consecrated ourselves to this challenging task and combined virtual conferencing media with informative and instructive training videos and materials, by not neglecting our important hands-on sessions.

In two-day-sessions we teach our distributors the essential qualifications to operate and service the EXIAS e|1 Analyzer.
Our trainers provide them an overall understanding of the application scope and how they can serve and position the analyzer perfectly within their market.

At EXIAS we are dedicated to the health and well-being of our team. We are blessed to have such a broad network of distributors, who keep our e|1 Analyzer globally up and running.
Consequently, we see it as our duty to equip them with the best possible knowledge and support them throughout this crisis.