EXIAS Medical launches a new generation of electrolyte analyzers

On the way to global market entry

The story of EXIAS Medical is a story which tells continuous growth. Since its foundation, the EXIAS team has tripled and our network of distributors encompasses partners in more than 30 countries.
Our roll-out plan covers a wide range from wholesale markets in Asia to countries in the Middle East and Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

As an aspiring and innovative medical-technology company, we see great potential to revolutionize the existing in vitro diagnostics sector with our e|1 Analyzer.

The EXIAS e|1 Analyzer

Since 2015, our goal has been defined and our timetable was set. Now, we can proudly announce that the last decisive step has been achieved to enter the international market.
On November 15th 2019, our e|1 Analyzer has been officially CE marked and is therefore ready to conquer the market.

High precision, easy operation and the maintenance-free cartridge system underline the functional and outstanding performance of our analyzer. Our innovative concept makes it possible to measure the entire electrolyte spectrum within 25 seconds, which makes it the fastest system on the market. The combination of robust and clever design, as well as its compact footprint make the
e|1 Analyzer ideal for both point-of-care and laboratory use.

The EXIAS e|1 Analyzer makes it possible.

Our sales team is looking forward providing you with more information.