Measures and actions taken by EXIAS Medical

The global coronavirus situation has impacted Austria like everywhere else. However, we can confidently say, that at EXIAS we have the situation under control. While, the production pipeline is on track, so you can be assured that orders will be shipped on schedule. Current material inventory, guarantees an uninterrupted production of the e|1 Analyzer, as well as its consumables and accessories. Our customer support functions and logistics are available to be contacted as usual. We are reachable via video conferencing, emails and/or phone. In general, EXIAS is up and running
and will support our customers without compromises.


However, we want to inform you about the actions taken by EXIAS:

  1. The health and well-being of all our employees is our top priority, therefore the majority of the EXIAS team is working from home, except a few key departments (logistics, production etc.) to keep the business up and running. However, all employees are well-equipped and can be contacted during the usual business hours via video conferences, emails and/or phone.
  2. EXIAS has taken all necessary preparations to guarantee, that the production of the e|1 Analyzer and its consumables can be continued.
  3. Concerning the restrictions taken by the governments, the delivery of goods might be delayed. Nevertheless, EXIAS ensures that all orders will be produced and shipped as fast as possible.
  4. Due to flight restrictions, EXIAS has postponed its upcoming external trainings. We are currently adapting the training plan for the year 2020 and hope to continue with the EXIAS trainings as soon as the situation has calmed down.
  5. In addition, personal meetings with our distributors and partners are rescheduled, as well as events, exhibitions and other fairs are set on hold. These actions will be active as long as the measures taken by the Austrian and international governments are binding.
  6. Further support provides the EXIAS distributor area on our homepage. Here, a comprehensive list of documents, such as training and marketing materials are 24 / 7 available for download.


We thank all of you for your understanding and patience during these demanding times. Lastly, we hope that all of us can return soon to our normal daily business. In the meanwhile, stay healthy!

Your EXIAS Medical – Team