Quality control (QC) ampoules

The EXIAS QC ampoules help users to automate and improve their quality procedures in the daily point-of-care and laboratory environment.

Our stable QC materials are available in three different levels to ensure the reliability and accuracy of patient sample results.

All QC ampoules are equipped with barcodes for an easy data setup via scanner.

Na+, K+, Ca2+, Cl-,
pH, Hct


Ampoules per box


Shelf life
48 months

Storage temperature
2-25 °C


Our capillaries made of plastic, are single-use containers for capillary blood sampling and for whole blood analysis.

Their fitting accuracy is optimized especially for the usage on our EXIAS e|1 Analyzer. Even small sample volumes can be tested directly and without any further adapter.
Thanks to an even coating with balanced heparin, blood clotting will be delayed.

In order to ensure maximum security for our users and patients, the capillaries are break-proof. Moreover, they are packed hygienically in a dispenser with a user-friendly donator function.

Unplasticized amorphous thermoplastic

100 I.U. balanced Heparin

Capillaries per box
4 dispenser à 100 capillaries

Sample volume

Shelf life
48 months

Storage temperature